About Us

THE SOLVER creates simple but powerful tools to help you win at fantasy sports. Founded by longtime fantasy sports experts from Establish The Run and software developers with an impressive track record, our mission is to create tools that make you a better fantasy player.

We are not here to make decisions for you. Instead, our software organizes information so you can make the best use of your own judgment. Simply input your own data or import from your favorite trusted source, our software will help you make sense of it from there.

Powerful software doesn't have to be difficult to use. Give us a try today.

Our Products

Daily Fantasy Sports Optimizer

Whether you're looking to create one lineup or hundreds, taking a data-driven approach is always a good idea. Our product can help you quickly and easily look at optimal lineups based on fantasy sports projections, or create sets of lineups based on your input.

Daily Fantasy Sports Bankroll Tracker

Daily Fantasy Sports Bankroll Tracker: When you're playing daily fantasy sports, analyzing your results is a critical part of deciding which contests to play and strategies to use. Our bankroll tracker makes it seamless to import, view and analyze your results, putting you on a path to better decision making.