Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get help?

For any support issues, please contact us at

What products do you offer?

Currently, we offer a daily fantasy sports optimizer and a daily fantasy sports bankroll tracker. We are building more tools and would love to hear ideas on what you want to see from us. Let us know at

Who is behind this?

A group of longtime fantasy sports players including the founders at Establish The Run and an experienced group of software developers created these products. The goal is to create software tools that make it easy for fantasy sports players to compete at a high level. To be clear, this is a separate product and company from Establish The Run. THE SOLVER plans to work with as many fantasy sports content sites as possible.

What Daily Fantasy Sports sites can I optimize lineups for?

We support DraftKings, FanDuel, SuperDraft, Yahoo, OwnersBox and Draftstars

Do you have any partners whose projections I can sync to THE SOLVER automatically?

How can I sync my projections from the partners listed above to THE SOLVER?

Just use the same email that you used at the partner site at THE SOLVER and your projections should sync automatically. If they do not, please contact us at and we can help!

If you are looking to sync your projections for MoonshotsMLB, you will need to input your SOLVER email on their website HERE.

Can I upload projections from another content site?

Yes! Projections from most content sites can be uploaded directly to THE SOLVER in the form in which they are downloaded. If you come across projections which you can’t upload or if you are a projection site that would like your subscribers to be able to access projections automatically within our software, please let us know at

Can I upload my own projections?

Yes! Just make sure the columns are named: “Player”, “Projection”, “Projected Ownership”, “Ceiling”, and “Max Exposure”. For Showdown, "Projected Ownership" maps to the FLEX ownership of a player, whereas "Projected Ownership CPT" maps to the captain ownership. For uploading NHL “lines”, you can use “line” for the regular line and “PP” for powerplay lines.

What are "Default" projections?

Default projections are our projections which come with THE SOLVER optimizer. These are meant as a baseline projection to start with and should not be treated as "premium" projections. For premium projections, we recommend getting projections from one of our partners.

How much does this cost?

The optimizer pricing can be found on our Pricing page. The Bankroll Tracker will remain in Beta and FREE until we decide the product is in a state that we feel comfortable with. This will likely happen in early 2023.

For the bankroll tracker, can I automatically sync my results from daily fantasy sports sites?

You can automatically sync your results with the Chrome Extension found HERE

I have an adblocker. Will this be an issue?

We have seen some adblockers present issues on both the optimizer side and the bankroll tracker side. At this time, we don’t have a great solution for this on our end, so we recommend customers disable their adblocker while using or add to the adblocker whitelist/allowlist.

What does Thumbs UP/Thumbs DOWN do?

Each Thumbs UP/Thumbs DOWN boosts or docks a player by 4% in NBA and 8% in all other sports respectively.

Will the players with the latest start time be put into FLEX?

Yes, the players with the latest game start time will be automatically put into the FLEX position.

What are your game integrity policies?

Anyone who has the ability to access any lineup or custom projection data from THE SOLVER (ie, what lineups a user is building for upcoming tournaments) is not allowed by the company to play real-money public DFS contests.

What is the “Unable to find optimal lineup” Error and how do I fix it?

This is an error that generally happens when there are conflicting or impossible rules to satisfy in the optimizer. A few common issues to look out for when getting this:

  • Under Restrictions —> Stats - By Team → Are you accidentally forcing at least X players per lineup per TEAM instead of per LINEUP?
  • Are your “maximum exposures” for each position large enough? For example, the maximum exposures on all your QBs combined should be >100%.
  • Are any player groups contradicting each other?
  • These are the types of questions to ask yourself if getting this error. If you can’t find the issue, please email us at with a screenshot of your rules and we would be happy to help.

How correct are the injury tags?

We strive to have correct injury tags but during periods of heavy news, some tags may be updated with a delay and/or be incorrect. The tags are meant to be a guide for users to look into more specifics on a certain player and should not be relied upon as final statuses.

How often is the NHL “lines” data updated?

NHL lines are updated throughout the day and we will do our best to keep these accurate, but it's sometimes a fluid situation that's tough to get concrete info on, so we have made it possible for users to overwrite those lines manually where needed. We definitely cannot guarantee that these will always be correct and urge users to double check these when they use them.

How does the bankroll tracker handle tickets or entries submitted with DraftKings Crowns?

The bankroll tracker handles entries submitted with tickets or crowns as dollar entries as that’s the only info that’s available in the DraftKings .csv. With the current info provided by the daily fantasy websites, we cannot differentiate between a contest entered with dollars or with a ticket/crowns.

How is “Value” calculated?

We don’t share our methodology for how “Value” is calculated. The purpose of “Value” is to allow users to sort players by an approximation of how “relevant” they are to a slate, but value should not be used for decision making purposes.