Simplify DFS
  • Easy to use lineup optimizer
  • Easily select “Quick Rules” and generate one or up to 300 lineups
  • Create advanced rules to implement player and team correlations
  • Save or export lineups with the click of a button
  • Quickly aggregate projections from multiple sources
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Advanced Rules for any Scenario

  • Force players from the late games to give yourself late swap flexibility
  • Boost/dock players in certain scenarios
  • Differentiate your lineups with low owned players
  • Be precise with your stack requirements
Simple Late Swap
  • Rebuild your lineups quickly as news comes out
  • View the old/new lineups side-by-side for comparison
  • Easily export updated entries and upload them back to your DFS site
  • Rebuild all your lineups at once or use our single lineup late swap tool to view multiple swap options for the same lineup (including each lineup’s ownership/projection/ceiling)
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