Bankroll Tracker Tutorial: Syncing and Analyzing Results

Section 1: Syncing Results

Step 1

Install the Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store fromHERE

Step 2

Ensure you are logged in to and whichever daily fantasy site you’re looking to sync data from (DraftKings, FanDuel, or Yahoo).

Step 3

Select the button for chrome extensions at the top right, then hit “THE SOLVER Extension”.

Step 4

Hit the “sync” button for either all sites, or the only ones you want to sync. The DraftKings sync may require you to hit “sync” twice, depending on the size of your history. The FanDuel sync may take a while, potentially over an hour, depending on the size of your history.

Section 2: Analyzing Results

Option 1

You can filter results by a variety of factors such as dates, DFS sites, sports, game types, and more. You can select as few or as little filters in each box. Once those filters are selected, they will apply for each tab of the bankroll tracker, including the “Breakdown” and “Finish Position” sections.

Option 2

In the “Breakdown” tab, you can breakdown results in a variety of ways:

Option 3

In the Finish Position tab, you can change the size of the buckets via the highlighted box on the top, and can zoom into any part of the chart using the highlighted box on the bottom: