Late Swapping DraftKings Lineups on Android

Step 1

Open DraftKings in your Mobile Browser

You have to open DraftKings in your mobile browser instead of the DK app, because the app doesn’t have the option to download .csv.

Navigate to:

Step 2

Navigate to THE SOLVER

Head over to and select the correct sport/slate. Select “Late Swap” from the following dropdown.

Step 3

Upload your DraftKings Downloaded .csv to THE SOLVER

  • Select, “Click to upload your file” on THE SOLVER
  • Select “media” or navigate to where your files are saved on your phone.
  • Select the DraftKings .csv you downloaded from DraftKings
  • Hit “Optimize”

Step 4

Select “Download Entry File”

Step 5

Go Back to the DraftKings Tab

Select “Upload .csv” and select the file you just downloaded from THE SOLVER.