MLB Rules Walkthrough

Max Players vs Opp Pitcher

This settings selects how many hitters are allowed vs an opposing pitcher.

Choose Stack Type

This one is pretty straight forward, any of the selected “stacks” here will be allowed. “5” represents a stack of 5 from one team unaccompanied by a secondary stack.

Stack Settings

You can edit the stack options for each individual stack. For example, these are the settings for the 5-3 stacks.

Here you can select:

  • A minimum or maximum number of lineups that include this stack type using the boxes here:
  • Which batters are included in each stack. You can select different batting orders for the “5” stack and the “3” stack.
  • Which teams are included in each stack. You can choose to include or exclude certain teams from being considered in the “5” stack or the “3” stack.
  • What gaps to allow in each stack. In this example, we’ve chosen to allow “any gaps” in the batting order for the “5” stack.

    Whereas the “3” stack can have a max gap of two, which would mean that you can’t have more than a two batting positions gap between the players in that stack. Batting orders 1-4-7 would be fine, whereas 1-5-7 would not. If you choose “no gaps”, the order of players must be consecutive, such as 1-2-3, or 2-3-4, etc.

Max Exposures

You can also select max exposures per team and by stack size. For example, this screenshot would result in max 20% of lineups having any sort of CIN stack. Similarly, it will result in having max 10% of lineups with 5-man SD stacks, max 10% with 5-man SD stacks, and max 10% with 3-man SD stacks.