NFL Showdown Tutorial

NFL Showdown has turned into one of the most popular DFS games in recent years, yet it’s wildly complex and requires a lot of thought and careful planning to be successful at it.

Cody Main from Establish The Run has a great article on NFL Showdown Large-Field GPP strategy. Here, we are going to look at ways to leverage his advice in actionable optimizer rules.

These rules are NOT meant to be used on every slate. Every slate is different and requires different rules and inputs to create an optimal strategy. There is no set of rules one can use on every slate and expect to be profitable, so use these rules as a starting point/guideline to creating an optimal strategy for every slate.

Rule 1

Cody mentions the importance of playing high ceiling players in the CPT slot, so we can start by removing low ceiling players from the CPT player pool

Rule 2

Make sure your captain WR includes the QB.

Rule 3

Double stack captain QBs.

Rule 4

At most 2 kickers/defenses.

Rule 5

Max 1 WR/TE from same team as CPT WR.

Rule 6

Max 3 players vs Defense.

Rule 7

Remember that you can select what sort of stacks to allow on each slate. What’s optimal here will depend on the teams playing, the pricing of the players, and the vegas spread/total.

Rule 8

You can also boost or dock certain players when using a certain player stack. This can help with ensuring you’re playing the right players in the right game scenarios.